Favorite Summer Scent

Hey, everyone!

Sorry, I have been away for awhile, I have been stocked up in homework and books for the past month! I will try to post as much as I can between school and everything else going on! But for the most part, I would love to share my favorite summer scent I have been using all summer!

I’m sure most of us have heard of Philosophy’s Amazing Grace scents and I just manage to be in love with their Ballet Rose smell. The scent smells clean yet very floral. It has a very different scent than you would think compared to most perfumes in the market today.

My first impression would be the lovely small bottle it came in, (because let’s be real here, who wants to spend 50 dollars on the actual size of the perfume being a broke college student?) I also love how pink the liquid perfume is. When I first caught the aroma of the scent I thought it was a slightly musky scent, realizing it was the rose I was smelling. Think of the scent of a rose, now put it into a perfume bottle, This would be that exact scent and the name Ballet in front of it gives it more of that elegant and classy taste to it.

What is your fave summer scent?

Ciao ciao! Heather


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