The Writer’s Haze

  I know, I know. I have totally been slacking on this blogging thing. After I moved out by myself I have been so distracted by everything; bills, friends, food, and opportunities. Some days I forget that I have passions.

  Most of my passions consist of writing but since I have been away from it for awhile, I have a writer’s block! Yes, as expected. I have gradually got back into it but it has been a process.

So, I thought I’d give a few tips to stop that writer’s haze:

  1. Write in your journal every day. 

  Yes, it does sound hard some days but in the long run, you will love it! Writing has many benefits that you should take advantage of. One of the many is unleashing inner creativity. In the book “the Artist Way” by Julie Cameron. She goes over writing a page and a half every morning right as you wake up, she specifies that it does not need to be about anything and some days you will wake up dreading it but in the long run, you will learn a lot about yourself.

     2. Reading

  This one is quite amazing and you are probably wondering how can reading help with your writing. well, reading can help with a ton of things and one of them is increasing your intellect! You know when you feel something and can’t even describe how you are feeling? Yeah, reading can help you with those words and it also falls hand in hand with raising your EQ (emotional intelligence).

    3. Gather inspiration

  Do you have some favorite writers that you can always read and they will always inspire you to write? Read them! Or better yet, find new ones.

Also always remember to never ever criticize yourself, some of the greatest writers were criticized and still managed to create something unique and amazing.

Thanks for stopping by loves and I hope this helped. What helps you get out of the writer’s haze?

XO Heather



7 thoughts on “The Writer’s Haze

  1. One of my favorite books about writing is “On Writing,” by Stephen King, and he talks about the importance of reading as part of being a writer. I remember that he advocated for always carrying a book with you, so that when you’re caught with unexpected time on your hands – like standing in a line – you have something to do that helps you become a better writer. I loved that suggestion, and your post here reminded me of it. Thanks!

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  2. Such great advice here. I always find inspiration to write at the busiest points of my day or when I’m trying to go to sleep. While it’s difficult to write during these times, it is often necessary to make that compromise on time or sleep to witness the healing power of wiring. Keep up the good work!

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