7 Things I Learned Being 20

 Since I’m close to turning a year older, I thought I would give a little advise to people in their younger 20’s that also have no clue what they want to do with their life;

– Stop overworking, always find time for yourself.

Starting the year off I was still teaching private yoga and living with my parents. My finances were easy to keep track of but after my boyfriend was gone for a long while, I decided I would like more of a challenge, so I lost my passion for teaching yoga and wanted to feel that I was doing something more productive. I found it amusing how within seconds you can feel completely different about something that you are in love with. I started working three jobs and moved out all by myself but with living by yourself comes electric bills, rent, insurance, gas, and etc. It can get stressful sometimes, so I downloaded an app on my phone called awesome calendar. It works great for keeping track of everything. Overall, with all this responsibility comes stress and if you don’t remember to take time for yourself it becomes overwhelming. Check out one of my other articles to on my favorite ways to relax from a long day:

My Favorite Ways To Unwind

Long distance relationships can last.

My boyfriend left for six months to South Korea so he could study abroad. I thought he was dumb for wanting to study there but I knew being young that was not an opportunity to miss out on. He left in December of 2016 and came back in the end of June in 2017. It was a long journey but with constant communication, we managed to have it all figured out.

-Overthinking will hold you back.

I hate attaching the label of having severe anxiety to myself but in this day and age, it’s hard to not stress about a mass amount of things. Over my twenty years of living, I have come to realization that I have missed out on quite a few opportunities in my life because I have a tendency to overthink everything. Now. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t overthink till this day but the only difference from my younger self and now, is that I do it less frequently now than ever before.

-You can’t keep your apartment clean all the time.

Getting an apartment by yourself is just as magnificent as it sounds but you can’t always keep it together especially when you live all on your own. Some days when you don’t have time to pick up after yourself, it’s just nice to leave it as is. Plus, it can feel a little bit homier when it’s a little messy.

-Looks are not everything.

Growing up and especially through high school, I always thought looks where the main thing that everyone thought of to be an appreciable person but realistically if you don’t have something great to talk about or a passion of which you long for, Your looks will be nothing.  Now, I would be lying if I said looks didn’t completely matter because first impressions count. Yet if you can’t pass the looks into a great conversation or an amazing personality than your looks won’t be much good for you in the long run. So all I can say is study what intrigues you, find love and passion into something besides yourself.

-Stop comparing yourself.

This one I believe we all have to remind ourselves constantly to remember. It’s easy to look at a photo of another female or male on social media and think “wow, I wish I had their life, their money, and their body”. The truth is though those people typically only show what they want to show and Photoshop is an amazing tool. Oh, and money, money does not cure everything, it just covers the flaws and gets temporary wants.

-Become resourceful, don’t always rely on other people.

When it comes to finding jobs and a place to rent in the city, things can get quite complex; roommates say they want to move out but don’t actually want to, landlords over look you because you seem too young, etc. etc. Adulting can be extremely frustrating but in the end once you work everything out all on your own, no other feeling can feel more superior than that. Being a young lady and figuring anything out all by yourself, it makes you feel indestructible.

Well I hope all you lovelies have an amazing day and amazing week!

What are some of the things you learned in your twenties or in 2017 so far? Let me know in the comments below!

XO Heather



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  1. Hey Heather, yes, long distance relationships can last. Go with your gut and stick with it and if it’s right for you, it most certainly can. Almost 19 years in, ours is still going strong. You don’t choose who you love, but, together, you choose to make a life together if that’s what you both want.

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