Pink Dresses and Chardonnay

Hello loves,

Sorry about my lack of post, I promise here in the near future I shall be posting more. I have recently been working a lot and trying to focus on bettering myself. But this post is a celebration, a celebration of becoming more independent, and great news! I have been living with my parents for the past half year and I am finally moving out by myself this weekend! It’s very unusual for a 20 year old to move out by herself, well, at least without her parents paying for it. So I’m excited that I have came a long way from my eighteen year old self and become resourceful enough to obtain this opportunity.

I knew I could save a lot of money if I did move out with someone else but with all my experiences of moving out with people they always turn out very dreadful and horrific.

I moved out with two of my girlfriends and one of their boyfriend, then eventually it turned into living with both of their boyfriends. One of the girl’s boyfriends never put his name on the lease and let alone never paid rent, which was really annoying speaking of my name being on the gas which meant I was paying for that utility that they where all using. I also have caught one of the girls smoking hard drugs in the house, then she lied to my face, while the other one always smoked weed in the house, and drank way too much. Their boyfriend’s where not very different either. Let me enlighten you, the landlord always dropped by unexpectedly which was very uncomfortable, especially when everyone is always doing drugs in the house. I am also a clean freak so it was annoying living with messy people but I typically always cleaned up after them and kept the house looking nice #housewifestatus. The ending to the story was one of the girls and her boyfriend moved out two days before rent was due and made me and the other girl pay it. We put our thirty days in and left (thank god it was a month to month lease). But overall, I thought I knew my friends but I didn’t until I moved out with them, which ended completely terrible.

Well, I only moved out once. But it was enough to ruin it for me for a very long while. It definitely gave me some trust issues with people for awhile.

Although, I am excited to decorate my place, I love to decorate, and I am a huge fan of interior design. I would love to have a black and white theme and I love playing it up with the scents. It reminds me of elegance, and I would love to have more a classy minimal style to my apartment.

Do you guys have any easy ideas on decorating?

What are your favorite scents to put into your home?


  1. Such exciting news! I agree, you never truly know someone until you live with them. I can’t wait to see an apartment tour! My favorite scent is a cabernet spray that I picked up at Marshall’s. It smells sweet yet sophisticated all at the same time. Good luck decorating! xx.

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  2. I completely understand the roommate thing, had quite a few in uni. For decorating, I recommend white walls, white and black for furniture, and leaving the color for changeable items like pillows. That usually what I see with other bloggers for the most Instagram-able space. Congratulations!


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