Afternoon Yoga

All I hear is the sweet rain drops dropping outside, such a lovely silence. No cars, no people, and no thoughts.

Why do we always want to be constantly thinking?

Our thoughts are not going anywhere.

The cause of our suffering is mostly our thoughts. as the wise words of Buddha: “what we think, we become”

Just some food for your thoughts today my lovelies and I hope you guys have a wonderful day!

Ciao Ciao! -Heather


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8 thoughts on “Afternoon Yoga

  1. I suppose thinking is a way of entertaining those moments in between doing things that are important. I think thinking can be a good pastime if you don’t take yourself too seriously – a bit like recreational time for the mind.The silence and the raindrops conjure the love for the moment? A pleasant thought?

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    1. Well just being in the present moment is what more of us need to have in our lives and that is what I am trying to say. We live in a very fast lifestyle to where most of us don’t stop and just take a moment to enjoy our surroundings.

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