What’s In My Bag?


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My life is always on-the-go so I like to have my purse always ready for me. Here are the few things that keep up with me in my purse:

Lavender essential oil– I love using this when I am having a stressful day! It is great to carry with you to rub on your temples when you are starting to tense up or feel anxious. Lavender is also known for helping with relaxation!

Black Tourmaline stone– This stone is meant for blocking negative energy within a person or space.

My wallet– Of course. You always need to bring your ID, Driver’s license, money and who knows what else.

Bath and Body works Tahiti perfume– I love the smell and it is a great scent for spring and summer.

Kind granola bar (dark chocolate chunk to be exact)- Hey, you never know when you are going to need a snackie or just a good pick me up during the day!

Anastasia’s lip gloss in matte– Again, if you guys have not seen my previous blog post, I AM OBSESSED. And you always need a little touch-up during the day.

Iphone 6s Plus– I think I bought this phone mainly for the camera.

Keys– It’s always nice to have something to lock your house and start your car! Lol

What do you keep in your bag? (:



16 thoughts on “What’s In My Bag?

  1. I have a mini bag within a tote bag. The tote has my water bottle, various meds, diary, notebook and a few other bits and pieces in it. The mini bag carries my wallet, a lip gloss, hand cream and my keys. It means I can either have everything on me or just what I actually need depending on where I’m going. I think it works out quite well!

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  2. When I do carry a bag, it’s more of a mini-rucksack with notebooks, enough stationery for half a class of children, cable ties, small tools like a screwdriver set and pliers, business cards, sweets, a small torch and if I remember, a lip stick or lip balm of sorts! Oh and some insulation tape for just in case.

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  3. Nice! Tourmaline and lavender. In mine I’ve always got Clary Sage and Prehinite!
    I’ve accepted I must carry a bag/purse and an actual book bag/satchel. I can’t organize on my devices no matter how I try. I’m old-school pen & paper organizer.
    Purse… wallet, above metaphysical magic 😉, a tiny pouch w lip liner, gloss, lipstick (Mirabella neutral), keys, iPhone 6plus, a pouch w pens. Ginger mints.

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  4. I also love your Blog and especially its layout. You are an interesting, charismatic and thought-provoking voice in this land of Blogs. I was immediately attracted to the variety and colour, not to mention the sensitive intelligence of your Blog. I hope to learn a lot from you.

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  5. This sounds about right! Niceee! I love that you don’t have too much in your bag and that you carry around the lavender oil! I love lavender oil! I have a deep relief oil which is similar – very strong, so just a dab behind your ears will relieve your headache! So cute!…and yes granola bar

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