The Reader’s Paradise 

As a blogger, writer, college student, and reader there is several spots I like to do my hobbies/work at. I really like quiet environments due to the fact that I am an introvert and like to be kept to myself. I also would like to help the few of you that feel like your life it always on the go, you can never relax and feel you can’t get a moment to yourself:

  • Hands down, a coffee shop. Anything you want to get done is best in a coffee shop. Something about the smell of coffee and drinking caffeine just helps me get everything done. Most coffee shops (that are not Starbucks and Beans and Brews) tend to be very quiet in certain times of the day too! Highly recommended.


  • My comfy bed. Waking up and being able to hangout in the nice peace and quiet in my sleepwear is always nice. I barely have to move to do anything!


  • A nice big park. I love big parks with lots of trees and space, I can choose to hang out in the sun or the shade and bring a snackie! I also feel a little more connected with nature which helps with times when I am having one of my writing blocks. The only downfall is if you are reading or writing, sometimes it can get a little breezy and a little annoying. oh, and there is no WiFi for blogging! Otherwise than that, parks are amazing hangout spots.

What are your favorite spots for your personal projects?


  1. Hey 🙂
    I also like the parks and my bed but not the coffee shops, cause I always feel distracted and start to “people watch”… do you have the same issue? if so, how did you got over it? I also feel weird as other people may watch what I am doing….

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    1. I do have the same issue at times!
      The ways I get over it is just letting my eyes wander for a moment and take in my surroundings. I don’t try and fight it because I do need a break from what I am doing and that is typically why my eyes start to “people watch”. Then I remind myself I have other things I should be doing and take my eyes back to my book or project I’m working on. I also just learn to not care about what people are thinking when they stare. I totally understand the people watching though!

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