My Favorite Ways To Unwind

I am pretty sure we can all relate to a stressful twenty-four hours or just a long day of working and we become very uptight. I have some tips on how to help unwind and relax yourself after a very high demanding day, of which I would like to call “de-stressatizing”:

  • My favorite! A nice warm bath… with bubbles, nice scented candles oh, and do not forget the bath bomb! A bath will help with increasing your circulation and relaxing your muscles.


  • Read a book. Reading has several benefits! It helps you sleep, clears your mind, puts you into the present moment, prevents alzheimer’s and helps you relax. It is scientifically proven that reading for just 6 minutes a day can help reduce stress, how easy!


  • Get into your comfy clothes. Just by putting on your sweats or leggings (whatever you prefer) and taking off your bra, you will just feel the sense of de-stressatizing!


  • Meditation. Sometimes it is just nice to put on some nice instrumental music or even just have peace and quite to help you unwind from the long day behind you. It would also pair nice with an amazing skin mask.


  • Cooking. I know it sounds like work but it’s another thing that calms the mind. Thinking of the recipe, measuring everything, stirring, you get the point! Or just having a meal in a nice and quite environment is always relaxing.


  • Writing and journalism. I love this one because writing is an amazing emotional outlet and stress reliever. Feeling annoyed? write it out. Feeling anxious? Write it out. Had a bad dream? Write it out. I am pretty sure you get the point, It also raises your EQ (emotional intelligence) which is an amazing tool for expressing your emotions and reading other peoples emotions.


  • You guys will probably see more blog post in the future by me about this one. But YOGA! I will always recommend this method for unwinding. It can be very uncomfortable when you are uptight or tense all day and yoga is the perfect cure for that and the perfect remedy for several other things.


Some of my personal favorite products that help me unwind and relax:

Yoga Bath Bomb At Lush Cosmetics

Philosophy Vanilla Birthday Cake Bubble Bath

What are your relaxing techniques?









17 thoughts on “My Favorite Ways To Unwind

  1. Yes, writing ,reading and taking a bath are some of the ways I relax too and it depends which one I feel like doing cause for example, sometimes I can’t really read but in stead, write … Btw, I also like the way your blog looks like , it is vert catchy and I like the theme and the pictures too !

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  2. My favorite line: “It is scientifically proven that reading for just 6 minuets a day can help reduce stress, how easy!” And ‘amen’ to the writing and cooking as stress relievers, especially baking. Talk about comfort– aromas during baking and the result [‘donut muffins, anyone?’] with a fresh cup of coffee.

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