Kylie VS. Anastasia’s Matte Lip

I am pretty sure all of us makeup obsessed females have heard the craze about both of these makeup lines! I personally have heard both good and bad reviews on both Anastasia and Kylie Jenner’s makeup line. So I just thought it would be fun to just do a quick, to the point review on which line has the best matte lip!

I purchased Kylie’s Candy K and Anastsia’s Dusty Rose lip gloss with a matte finish. They both are very similar colors but when applying, the Kylie line was very uneven after lining and appling the first layer to my lips. I will always recommend applying a second layer when using Kylie’s lip kit.

After wearing each for three hours (by the way, I am a huge coffee and tea drinker so that could be the impact of the dry lips) I started to notice how they really wear on my lips. The Kylie will flake off  and if you try to apply more over it, it will start to look clumpy, so don’t make the same mistake I did.

The Anastasia does not clump at all and only started coming off after I ate something, which is pretty normal with all the lipsticks I have ever tried. unless, I am trying really hard for them not to come off as I am in taking food.

Overall, I definitely have a higher opinion for Anastasia’s matte lip and will be buying more in the future. But Kylie Jenner’s lip line could of been worse! I just recommend reapplying after you rub all of it off throughout the day.

Get both lines here:

Anastasia’s Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick with a matte finish

Kylie’s Cosmetics Lip Kit

Are you a Kylie or Anastasia fan? And what are your opinions of the lip lines?


  1. I actually love the matte lipstick of the body shop! I found it really works and is super comfortable to wear! You should try it! they are having a sale right now too! Also, not sponsored lol I just love it.

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