How To Learn A Foreign Language

As you guys know from reading my previous post I am learning Italian! The reasoning behind learning it is because I would love to eventually travel there and possibly study abroad. I have been learning for a few months now and I am able to have a basic conversation. I would like to offer you guys a cheaper secret to my learning experience because I am not learning through Rosetta Stone or something that claims to help you learn a foreign language fast andcost loads of money!

I was scrolling the web one day trying to look for local tutors around me. But where I live, it is very rare to find someone who knows Italian and that is willing to teach it. I finally just ended up typing something into google about learning a foreign language ( sorry guys! I have no memory in my head of what I typed remember what I typed.) and I scrolled to this amazing site called Verbling.

Verbling is a site that helps you learn a foreign language from an actual native or from people who can speak it fluently and it is all through a webcam on your computer! You can look at their experience and schedule them during your available times, which makes it convenient on your time. The tutors set up lesson plans and you can even buy lessons in a package for a cheaper price than if you bought just one lesson! I have a great Italian teacher and I pay a pretty cheap price to talk to her online for an hour.

Along with studying and talking to an Italian on a daily basis, I also to recommend to study an hour a day and to try talking in Italian (or the language you are trying to learn) to someone who can speak it with you, or yourself. Also, just finding music, articles and movies and just listening to the language itself helps you with processing what it is supposed to sound like.

Hope these tips help! What language are you trying to learn?



  1. Thanks for this tip. I have been teaching myself italian for a while but doing so alone is a drag…and i dont really like Rosetta stone…verbling sounds great. I will try it if it is not too expensive for someone with a fixed disability income.

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