Skin Care Favorites


These are the products I love to use everyday, morning and night! I have very combination/ oily skin and I am very prone to breaking out. Ever since I have started using these products they have reduced my acne by a great extent! I love how they make my skin feel after using them and are very affordable. I love using Philosophy’s oil free eye makeup remover to get rid of all the mascara I use. Then, I use Mario Badescu’s Strawberry face scrub about three times a week to help get rid of any of the dead skin that builds up. Last but not least, Bare Mineral’s acne treatment is life, with sea salt and peppermint to help get rid of anything that could get stuck into my pores and build up.

What skin products do you like to use or are your faves?

Find the products I use here:

philosophy’s oil-free eye makeup remover

Mario Badescu’s Strawberry Face Scrub

Bare Minerals Acne Treatment

XO Heather





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