Morning Coffee// About Me

Waking up sipping on my favorite flavors of almond milk and hazel nut, the flavors through my mouth can be quite exotic in the mornings. I have always been a morning person, just the vibes of the morning time can be very uplifting! I feel as if I tend to get more done and am more productive in the starting of the day time. The fresh thoughts, the fresh air, and a clear mind.

Right now the thoughts going through my mind is that I have so many projects I love to get started; I am currently in the process of starting this blog, an Etsy shop and learning Italian! All of which have not been easy due to the fact that I am a slow learner and pretty half-witted when it comes to a computer but it has been slowly but surely coming along.

But I might as well cover the topic on what my blog will be about and who I am.

I am 20 years old and a college student located in Salt Lake City, Utah in the United States (boring, I know! Eventually, I will escape.) I am a lover of many things but mainly cats, yoga, interior design, nutrition, fashion, beauty, simplicity, elegance, neutrals, and organization. My blog will cover anything from my beauty and fashion to my aesthetic and how to achieve organization. oh yeah, and great DIYs!

Also, you can feel free to contact me via Instagram or my email which you can find on my contact page.

Hope I see you wandering around here!

Overall, Good morning lovelies and I am curious to your favorite flavors of coffee? And do you have any personal passion projects you are working on?

XOXO Heather


13 thoughts on “Morning Coffee// About Me

  1. Love cappuccino’s with my almond milk. Yummm! Thank you for stopping by my blog. Rescuing animals is my passion, but I also have an etsy page, Creations of MineR. My blog, about my jewelry, and 3 facebook pages.

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